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Simple and Not So Simple

Like brushing our teeth in the morning or grabbing our first cup of coffee each of us embraces the day taking the spiritual side of our self with us everywhere we go (sometimes to our own chagrin). Sometimes we express our faith in the simplicity of a smile we offer or a hug we give. Sometimes we feel joy or we realize we just have to laugh at ourselves. Often we are challenged in the midst of confusion, doubt, and frustration. This blog will explore some of the aspects of faith that seem simple as well as some that don’t feel simple at all.

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Monique Stone
Monique is blessed to be the Incumbent at the Parish of Huntley in Carp, Ontario (part of the Diocese of Ottawa) and have lots of fun contributing to the leadership of our rural parish. Whether she is sitting at the local coffee shop or flipping burgers at the annual fair, she considers authentic engagement with the broader community integral to my ministry. Monique personally feels that this period of church history with all its changes, declines, doubts and concerns is exciting, inspiring and best approached with a sense of hope and a sense of humour.

Recent blog posts

Who is our King?

November 22nd, 2016

Maybe asking this question is a prudent task this Advent. An invitation to reflect, transform, release, and wait. Wait and confess our role in upholding images that have been to our benefit. Wait and reclaim an image that seeks to emerge and normalize. Wait and enable truthful images to grow and take hold.

The weight of General Synod

July 20th, 2016

General Synod 2016 will forever impact the journey of many. It may never be forgotten, especially by those who sat for hour upon hour at any of the tables in that plenary room. Now, as it has come to an end, its weight will enter communities across the country who will carry the joy and the challenge of its burden.

Over your dead body

April 6th, 2016

I hope death will not be soon for any of us, but it will happen at some point. So while we are living here on this earth we have a choice to make: to deny or embrace the responsibility we have as watershed disciples, even over our dead bodies.

The scent of decay

March 22nd, 2016

It’s not pretty this time of year. Death and endings in our lives rarely are. They look bad, they feel bad, they sound bad and sometimes they even smell bad. Our own seasons of change, transformation, and death push our senses and our hearts beyond our capacity. Sometimes it feels like we have been buried in snow with no hope of emerging. But a season never lasts forever.

Plump squirrels and climate change

February 2nd, 2016

Extremely plump squirrels, and summer flies in the middle of December seem rather insignificant. That is, until we realize the interconnectedness of it all.

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