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Eddie Izzard on the Church of England

Before I post this I will just say… this is for fun.. please do not use this information while writing any religious studies exams or engaging in any h buy an essay paper eated Anglican debates… that being said, enjoy! … Continue reading

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Our Role in Ministry at Camp

Most camps work to a certain extent on supporting kids from various organizations to come to camp, and there is an attempt made to be accommodating to many levels of ability and experience. Some camps do a lot of work … Continue reading

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Bill Maher’s “Religulous”

Rating: 3.5 out of 5  First off, whenever anyone asks me what I thought of Religulous, I have to explain one thing. I saw the film as Bill Maher expressing great concern with the end of the world being caused by … Continue reading

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Spirituality at Camp

Hi! My name is Melissa Green; I am from the small community of Savona near Kamloops, British Columbia. I’m in my second year of my Bachelor of Arts at Thompson Rivers University and am actively involved in the St. Hilda’s … Continue reading

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Finding Your Child’s Perfect Summer Camp

As the crocus' begin to surface through the snow and the sun is up a little later each evening thoughts begin to sway towards those happier days of summer… cue Beach Boys “Wouldn't It Be Nice” and begin montage of … Continue reading

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Canterbury Tales: An Introduction

Though my skills at writing in verse are impeccable I have decided to have the onlylink to Chaucer within this be the name of the camp I work at. Sorry if there were any old english enthusiasts drawn to this story. Here is … Continue reading

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Finding your inner “camp”

Growing up in the UK, we didn’t have a summer camp tradition. The Soul Survivor movement was in full swing; which meant a week or two each summer travelling to a site with thousands of others for a week of … Continue reading

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