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Advent Resources

Do you ever wonder how we managed before the Internet? I remember that planning took a lot more effort and it was necessary to build a substantial library of resources. Now if I need an idea for an activity all I have to do is go to my computer. I am so grateful for all the creative individuals who post their ideas on-line. This week I would like to share some wonderful Advent resources I have found on-line. I hope you find them useful.

As I mentioned last week The Virtual Church School offers wonderful sessions for each week of Advent. With a little tweaking these could also be offered as family gatherings.

The Advent Conspiracy movement has radically altered and shaped the way I think about Advent and Christmas. Prepare to have your Christmas turned upside down

The blog Spell Outloud has a link for an Advent chain that can be printed. They are very easy to assemble and use.

If you would like to provide families with some suggestions for celebrating Advent you can find some fun and easy ideas here.

This blog has suggestions for three simple Advent wreaths.

Flame: Creative Children’s Ministry offers instructions for a lovely reflective prayer craft/activity that could be adapted for Advent

Pinterest has a wealth of ideas. You don’t have to be a member to browse the boards, but be warned Pinterest can be addictive! This Advent board has lots of ideas for families.

Finally Rethinking Youth Ministry has some suggestions for Advent prayer stations. These are designed for youth, but could be adapted for use with older children or families.

Now it’s your turn! Do you have any Advent resources to share? What have you found helpful?


Sharon Harding

About Sharon Harding

I was born in England and immigrated to Canada almost 30 years ago. A graduate of Gloucestershire University (B.Ed.), I have been involved in children’s ministry since I was 16. Over the past 12 years I have written for a variety of Christian Education curriculum resources. I also write a blog at encouraging parents to build strong connections with their children. When I am not working I enjoy painting, reading, and pottering around the Internet.
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