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Welcome: part one

472028910_b7159926b9_oVolkmann! Bienvenue! Baruch Haba! Tunngasugit! Tawâw!

Every language and culture across the globe has a form and method of greeting and welcoming people. Businesses have followed the same form and developed their own method of greeting, too – ever notice the Walmart greeters? Some stores have policies that a staff member must greet every customer within 10ft of the entrance.

Churches have a unique method for welcoming people as well. I’ve noticed across the country that there are a variety of methods. Often in twos (we love our Biblical numbering), handing out bulletins or announcement sheets; some hand you a stack of books and papers as you enter; others have created a ‘welcome centre’ that has pamphlets and brochures for every program/group/social event and outreach the church is part of; the other extreme has a small table with some bulletins on it.

Those first 10ft into a church can have a huge impact on a person’s experience and participation in worship.

I’d like to talk about the art of ‘welcoming’ for a bit. To help me, what style, format or method does your church use for welcoming? I’m hoping that from your submissions, we can share some ideas and see if we can really live up to the promise on the sign that hangs outside most of our buildings.

Your own version is available for purchase through AF Canada – http://tinyurl.com/AC-Sign

About Shawn C. Branch

Shawn C. Branch has been the National Director for Threshold Ministries since 2012. Commissioned as an evangelist in 2004, he has been serving parishes and dioceses across the country. His focus is to help individuals know Christ and equip churches to reach out.
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