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Something remarkable just happened

acconvo14 groupSomething remarkable just happened. Last week, nearly 40 of the Anglican Church of Canada’s youngest priests gathered together in Montreal for professional development, networking, and ministry strengthening.

In truth, the gathering didn’t “just happen,” but rather grew organically, from one Montreal priest’s vision, to a small Facebook group that grew to over 150 members, to the establishment of  a cross-country planning team, and all with the generous support of General Synod’s Faith, Worship, and Ministry Department.

I’ve spent the past week reflecting on the conference’s success, and especially on this cohort’s natural tendency to build relationships and share resources over long distances using the tools native to their generation. And I’ll be reflecting with you on that in the near future. But today, I want to draw your attention to some of the other voices in this community: six priests who took part in a unique conference, and found themselves transformed.

  1. First, a blog by Rhonda Waters, who first proposed the need for such a gathering. Back in early May, Rhoda outlined the plans and purpose for Conversation 2014 in Colleagues and conversations.

Immediately following the conference, and over the course of the next week, the Internet buzzed with energy around the connections made, and opportunities presented. And while much of that activity took place between participants and in private forums, others chose to unpack the three days, and to share their reflections publicly:

  1. First came Rachel Kessler’s Thought’s from the train.
  2. Dawn Leger discussed the open, unconference format in All this hopey-changey stuff: how did conversation 2014 work?
  3. Scott McLeod looked to the future in Long term vision.
  4. Dana Dickson reflected on relationship building in A unique conference experience.
  5. Finally, Martha Tartarnic shared a personal reflection on her one of the small group topics in  The 10th Comandmenta reflection on the “why Anglican” question at Conversation 2014

I do hope that you’ll take the time to read through these blogs, and to engage their authors with your questions and comments. These priests have been encouraged in strengthened in their respective ministries, and are hoping to share that new life with you!

About Jesse Dymond

I'm a priest from the Diocese of Huron, serving as Online Community Coordinator for the Anglican Church of Canada. I have a lifelong interest in computer technology, and continue to pursue interdisciplinary studies in science and theology. I love composing and performing music, cooking, photography, sailing, and riding vintage motorcycles.
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