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Article One’s ‘Colors and Sounds’

Last spring marked the sophomore release from London, Ontario’s own, Article One.  This group is quickly becoming one of the great Canadian rock bands of our generation and this second album will surely solidify that position. 

article one“Colors and Sounds” is filled with uplifting and positive songs that will be genuine to your ears.  I am always a sucker for hearing strings in contemporary songs, and Article One does not disappoint with nearly every song having a violin in it.  Each song seems to speak on a different aspect of Christianity that I can relate to and understand.

From the opening track Without You (I’m Not Alright), which aptly speaks of the need for God in our lives, to the title track Colors and Sounds, Article One’s driving melodies and total mastery of their instruments keep you coming back for more.

This is one of those albums that you’ll buy and play over and over.  Each song can be a hit in its own right, and will speak to you on a level that is clear and contemporary.  I know I’ve purchased CDs in the past that had two or three good tracks, however “Colors and Sounds” will be one of those albums that has something in each track you’ll love.

One of my personal favorite songs on this album is Love You Tomorrow which promises the unconditional love of God, no matter our own circumstances.  As well, it is easy to note the song Never Too Late to Call that assures it is never too late to go back and try to right some wrongs in our life, that ‘the bridges have not burned downed’.

If you get the chance, definitely take in an Article One in concert.  For more information on Article One, check out their web site

~Matthew Reszitnyk

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