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Give it up for … Lent!


It’s Lent!

What are you doing to keep that in your mind in your daily life?

A lot of people take up the Christian spiritual practice of self-denial in some way, that is, giving something up for Lent.

Here’s an informal survery of various people I know, and what they have each decided to abstain from during Lent:

alcohol         chocolate     complaining        busy-ness

tv         masturbation        workaholism       self-doubt         smoking

consumerism             sodium and cholesterol    listening to my ipod

video games     things that produce excessive green house gas

So, why do we choose what we choose?  For a dozen different people, there will be a dozen different answers, and certainly no ‘one size fits all’ thing which we must all do or not do…

Some people choose to give up things that are not inherently ‘bad’ or ‘negative’, but they’ve chosen, for a time, to deny themselves that which they enjoy for the sake of focus of energies or just to be mindful of the season.  Others give up habits or attitudes that work against their capacity to be fully whole and alive.  (Personally,  I like the idea of giving up ‘self-doubt’ as a spiritual practice).  Still others make a life-style change (produce less green house gas, consumerism) as a spiritual practice.  And one can give up certain things to make space in life for other things – such as time in silence with God, relationships with friends or family, personal health practices.

If you are still trying to decide if you want to give up something for Lent, or haven’t decided what that will be – try reflecting on this question –

“What is currently part of my life which might hold me back from being in a full and life-giving relationship with


with the People around me,

with Creation, or

with God?”

front_page_quote1Hey, by the way, have you heard about “Live Life, Love Lent?” It’s an Anglican thing. They’ve got resources and ideas to help families, youth, congregations and communities to keep Lent in meaningful ways.

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