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February 10, 2013 Last Sunday of Epiphany / Transfiguration

This week’s readings

No sooner has Wiarton Willie predicted an early spring then we descend into the darkness of Lent. Lent is earlier in the calendar this year, but there never does seem to be enough time between Christmas and Ash Wednesday.

This Sunday is our last Sunday of Epiphany and most churches will transfer the Feast of the Transfiguration from August to this week.

As I read our reading from Exodus, I was drawn back to last week’s reading from 1 Corinthians 13. Words on a stone tablet are simply a list of instructions, or are they a way to a transforming encounter with God? Without the presence of God, they are nothing.

Would we know a transforming encounter with God if it happened to us?

Is Epiphany’s light, the light of the Transfiguration, still with us in Lent’s dark days?

Get your Alleluia’s ready, proclaim them well, then keep them warm in the joy of your heart.

Dawn Leger

About Dawn Leger

I am a priest in the Diocese of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, having served in Stouffville, Ontario. I think preaching is a profound and great privilege granted to us by God and our Church. I love the reading, the writing, the proclaiming, the dissecting and the dialogue. I also love to cook, sing, read and laugh, in no particular order.
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