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The Preacher’s Table is Back!

office coffee tableEarlier in the life of The Community, The Rev. Dawn Leger created The Preacher’s Table: a blog that looked at the proclamation of the Word as a “communal, multi-layered act”. As we read the scriptures together, week by week, both clergy and laypeople were invited to share their ideas and discuss the Gospel’s application.

I’m pleased to say that The Preacher’s Table is back! But this time, we’ll be doing things a little differently: our discussions will be led by a team of bloggers from across the country. They’ll be getting started in the very near future, but today, I want to introduce them to you.

Dell B 7Dell Bornowsky has been a farm boy, woodworker, and building maintenance consultant. Prior to Anglican, his formation was in Roman Catholic, Jesus People, Baptist and Pentecostal tribes. Dell is interested in cultures, philosophy, mysticism, and wilderness travel.  He is a husband and father, and believes that creation is good, that God acts in material history, and that ancient wisdom may be more relevant than we realize.  Dell is presently rector of Big Country Parish (Kindersley and Eston in the Diocese of Qu’Appelle).

landon_erbLandon Erb is a Staff Missioner at Saint Margaret’s Anglican Church in Winnipeg, Manitoba and a Masters of Divinity student at Wycliffe College.



Tay MossPriest, blogger, diplomat: Tay Moss helps people navigate God’s crazy universe with humor, good food, and an occasional idea. He is leading his congregation (Messiah, Toronto) through major transition as they launch a fresh expression of church. His professional interests include missional church, new media, and the mysterious arts of the priesthood such as manual acts and cassock-wearing. In spirituality: a monastic. In management: a skipper. At home: a cook. A man with too many hobbies, Tay also finds himself sailing, cooking, watching TV, producing videos, brewing, and building canoes. He can be followed on twitter (@taymoss), pinterest (wtaymoss), youtube (taymossninjapriest), and facebook (tay.moss).

Look for The Preacher’s Table in the coming days, and in the meantime, welcome our new leaders!

About Jesse Dymond

I'm a priest from the Diocese of Huron, serving as Online Community Coordinator for the Anglican Church of Canada. I have a lifelong interest in computer technology, and continue to pursue interdisciplinary studies in science and theology. I love composing and performing music, cooking, photography, sailing, and riding vintage motorcycles.
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