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Love and sacrifice

Christ’s love was made known by freely giving his life away in teaching, healing, serving, and death: all without obligation or encumbrance. Acknowledging that means that freely striving to make the right sacrifices is part of my calling, and communicates love in a way that very little else does. Continue reading

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Editing our children’s reality

It is inevitable that we as parents will lay the foundation for the world our children are beginning to explore. We teach them what is good or bad, right or wrong, safe or dangerous. We will teach our children their first words—colours, numbers, shapes, and more. Perhaps most importantly of all, though, we as parents have the responsibility for teaching our children about God. Continue reading

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Pentecost 9: rowing in the storm

Where this Gospel story goes sideways for me is when Jesus shows up. This is even more terrifying to the disciples than the storm! The truth is that for many of us the hard labor in the storm is actually a more comfortable reality than encountering the awesome power of Jesus to master those forces. Continue reading

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We’re always choosing a way to look at the world around us. Whether exercising our bodies or our spiritual life, we can choose a positive perspective. We can choose to see the world through a different lens, choosing to focus on the blessings. Continue reading

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