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Water and blood: the end of religion

The spear in Jesus’ side, this comingled blood and water, represents the blood of God, the life force of God, comingled with the water of creation – flowing out His side, like the temple wall just off in the background. What a connection: Jesus IS the new temple, the old has passed away, animal sacrifice is no more, as Jesus, God, has become the Paschal Lamb – earth and heaven are re-united. Continue reading

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The cross or the egg?

Our Canadian culture is becoming post-Christian; in fact, we might even be on the cusp of a post-Christian culture. More and more people know less and less of Jesus’ life and His sacrifice. It is easier to talk about a rabbit laying an egg than Jesus dying and rising. Continue reading

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Trinity Sunday, 2014: it wasn’t a good death

Yes, I know it’s Trinity Sunday and everyone wants to jump into explaining just what that means. But before you dust off your favourite three-in-one metaphors and launch into a full-blown apologetic for the dogma of the Trinity–all clovers and trees branches and what not–you would be wise to go back and consider the crucifixion and resurrection for a minute. This will probably lead you away from doctrinal apologetics and towards proclaiming Jesus, which is always good thing. “Put down the three-leafed clover and step away, Reverend, no one needs to get hurt!” Continue reading

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Talking With children about Jesus’ Death

As a Christian Educator I have struggled to find the best way to explore Jesus’ death with children. This story is central to our faith and yet it is definitely not a suitable subject for younger ones. How can we retell this story for them without dwelling on the violence? How do we stay faithful to the scriptures and present the story in age appropriate ways? How do we even begin to explain its significance? Continue reading

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