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Christmas time and Shoe Box Charity

One of my colleagues in ministry who has been very involved with the PWRDF youth council recently posted the following article on her facebook page, which raises some significant questions about Operation Christmas Child and the shoe-box charity programs that abound … Continue reading

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Be a Stewardship Somebody

Stewardship education is a slow process, in spite of all the wonderful resources at our disposal. Resources that are growing steadily in number and quality yet are still under-utilised, and in many cases unknown. Nobody has heard of them yet they should be shared with everybody. Anybody can do it and for sure somebody has to. Continue reading

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Considering Contentment

With the myth of control and self-sufficiency, we’ve come to believe that we can only really find contentment and satisfaction in our lives if we choose the right education and career paths. This is our vocation and we cannot be whole without it. But, as one student remarked wryly over lunch this week, “They tell us that, but it isn’t true. It’s a lie.” Continue reading

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The Office

My office is usually filled with people. In fact, my office usually filled with undergraduates arguing about their assignments, debating political theory, gossiping about their relationships and asking questions about scripture and Jesus. Continue reading

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