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The state of nature and the Kingdom of God

The worth and value of each life can’t be learned simply from observing how each living thing interacts with each other. Social, political, and economic equality between people cannot be learned from the state of nature. Justice and mercy and love cannot be learned from the state of nature. In other words, the Kingdom of God cannot be learned from the state of nature. Continue reading

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Sex: it’s a man’s world

Is it any wonder that women did not have the right to vote in provincial elections as late as 1942 in Canada? Is it shocking that women are paid less than men? Is it baffling to see extreme violence towards women across the world? It has always been about sex. Well, all about sex and men. Continue reading

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Entangled: Gender and Ministry

In a time when many are growing tired of gender-based distinctions and rallying against such false and insulting judgments , does the church still define ministry by gender? Continue reading

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When is a hat not just a hat?

What is a hat? Is it merely an accessory to wardrobe, an article to be donned or removed without any interior meaning? Is it a statement of personality and identity – the removal of which means the denial of one’s own story and self-understanding? Is it a tool for head-covering, governed by cultural, social, and religious rules that dictate when it should be worn, and when it should be removed? Continue reading

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