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I know there is a talented and famous man who has had his world crumble around him. I know that this man is deserving of prayer. I know that there are women who are probably equally talented who, as yet, have no name, who have also lost something of great value. And these women are in need of prayer too. Continue reading

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July 14, 2013 Eighth Sunday after Pentecost

As Christians we desperately lean on the grace of God to be forgiven of our sins. But grace does not excuse us from being judged. In fact, God’s love would mean very little to anyone of the pain we inflict on one another were simply dismissed. Continue reading

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Saying Grace

A good grace is one that makes those gathered at the table rejoice in the goodness of what will be shared: in its essential goodness, in all the care that has gone into preparing for the meal, and in the possibility to meet God in one another around the table. It’s always about recognizing God’s grace lavished upon us. Continue reading

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Messy Grace and Piles of Paper

Spiritual work messes things up. Grace is a messy business that upsets how we see ourselves, how we see the world, and how the world sees us. When grace gets a hold of us, all the usual pieces of the puzzle don’t fit the same way anymore. Continue reading

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