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Flesh made Word

The future of the cosmos the fulfillment of life itself, rests in our hands. It is up to us, fragile, human beings, made in His image and given the extraordinarily dangerous gift of freewill. Continue reading

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Why Jesus’ identity doesn’t matter much anymore

It seems that the question of who Jesus is, is not as relevant as it once was. …Preachers can speak about Jesus identity, but the assumptions of popular spirituality have made it largely irrelevant. Should we even bother? Continue reading

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Roads of Joy and Pain

I have been uprooted and set down in different cultures and communities. There is a great amount of adventure and excitement in this; there are also measures of sorrow and pain for family and individual. Continue reading

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Talking about the Incarnation

At this time of the church year we have the opportunity to focus on the mystery and wonder of the incarnation. This is a challenging task for Christian educators. While most children will readily identify with the baby in a manger, they may have difficulty in grasping the more abstract concepts of the incarnation. So where do we start? How do we begin to introduce this topic with children? Continue reading

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