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A mosaic of diversity: dancing with other faiths

“…in the midst of blooming diversity across campus, I am often confronted by the question of how to be wholly Christian while wholly engaged in respectful dialogue with others. I suspect it is a question as ancient as our faith.” Continue reading

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Removing my cross (so that I may find it?)

I’m happy to remove my own state-sanctioned symbol in solidarity with those who are currently threatened. So I’ve lost my cross. Where shall I–and others who come to know me–find it if it’s no longer hanging around my neck? Continue reading

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Wayward Faith

What happens when you lose your way? For some, “the way” may feel like a pair of glasses without which they cannot see. For others, it is more like a raft that can be left at shore once they have crossed over to the other side of the river, while new “ways” await them as they journey onwards. Continue reading

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