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The Lord in random places

If we fully believe that God is everywhere, then these random occurrences of our lives are never really ‘random.’ They are but the subtle workings of the one who is Lord in all situations and in all places. Continue reading

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What game will you play?

Do you remember the classic childhood game ‘Telephone’? You know the one. It stars one speaker, a message, and a room full of eager recipients. One by one the message is transmitted down the line where it emerges at the end confused and distorted. Continue reading

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Giving up community for Lent?

In the past few years, I’ve noticed a growing trend in Lenten disciplines: 40 days without Facebook. It seems, at first glace, to be an honourable task, and I hope that those who have made the commitment find it meaningful in their paschal journeys. However (you knew there was a but, didn’t you?), having made my share of misguided promises in Lents gone by, I wonder if giving up on social networking can really guarantee the quietness of mind and depth of relationships that some perceive it can. Continue reading

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