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“The days are surely coming, says the Lord”

The story of God is new life after death. The story of God is the story of hope, even when there should be none. The Spirit has a role for you and me in the world that is coming, even if we don’t know what that role is. Continue reading

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The scent of decay

It’s not pretty this time of year. Death and endings in our lives rarely are. They look bad, they feel bad, they sound bad and sometimes they even smell bad. Our own seasons of change, transformation, and death push our senses and our hearts beyond our capacity. Sometimes it feels like we have been buried in snow with no hope of emerging. But a season never lasts forever. Continue reading

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Birth pangs

While she is in labor, a woman is transferring her control over the life she has held within her, and when it emerges from the birth canal, it begins its life in the world relying on its own power. A non-violent transition of power. It is possible. Continue reading

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Change is neither good nor bad, it just is. And it will happen. How we respond to that change is up to us. Continue reading

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As we enter into the season of Easter, having spent Lent reflecting on our baptismal vows, let us consider and celebrate the sacrament of Baptism. Continue reading

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Busy being born

My family made a prayerful decision to move. We have felt loved and supported and prayed for every step of the way through this transition. I am happy and feel blessed in my new home and church home. And now that I am four months in, I finally have to admit that I, too, would like to just know where I am going, to feel as if the road is familiar to me again. I, too, know that instinct to grab mommy’s legs and have a little cry. Continue reading

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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been a massive, global socmed storm that is raising awareness and money for ALS agencies. Is there a way to amend the challenge to be a long-lasting Christian response to the trend? Continue reading

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The beauty of tradition

Let’s together, in and as community, delve deeper into the beauty of tradition – celebrating that its flexibility keeps it vibrant. Continue reading

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“Nothing’s changed, but everything’s different”

Life is full of tensions, but we can choose how to respond to those situations. Sometimes we just need to apply a new perspective, to re-focus. Nothing may change but ourselves; and that can make everything different. Continue reading

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Best Laid Plans

A change of plans isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just a different thing – a different way to see and follow the light of Christ revealed into this dark world. Continue reading

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