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A parable

The handful of Sunday regulars has decided that this little church’s time has passed. The decision is made and the paperwork is done. The bishop came out this morning and led a service of deconsecration. Everyone there said it was a beautiful service. It really was too. It was a holy goodbye. Continue reading

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Good grief! The range of reactions to considering a church merger. | Dream project blog: part five

Grief is good when we come through it better than before. Continue reading

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Michael Mondloch | Dream project blog: part two

At the beginning of July, an announcement was made in two of our St. Catharines Anglican churches. In this second blog in a series that considers the possibility of a parish merge, The Rev. Dr. Michael Mondloch outlines five “universal truths” observed in “The Great Reveal.” Continue reading

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“The days are surely coming, says the Lord”

The story of God is new life after death. The story of God is the story of hope, even when there should be none. The Spirit has a role for you and me in the world that is coming, even if we don’t know what that role is. Continue reading

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Grandma is now sharing in God’s eternal life, and it’s not even just about that. It’s about the possibility of what our lives are for. It’s about a God who chooses to be powerful in our world because now and again there is an open heart that finds the capacity to say yes. Let it be with me according to your word. Continue reading

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A Not-So-Holy Week (exams!)

The Christian story is not one which ignores the painful experiences of real life. It is one in which God descends down, all the way into those darkest places with us so that we can be healed by the overcoming power of new life. It is an old, old, story which we experience anew during this holiest of weeks and even in the midst of finals. Continue reading

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