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Campfire to… font?

After a few moments of being seduced by a comfy chair and a maybe a beverage, the world around us diminishes, literally. The aperture of the pupil constricts from the bright light, and especially on a cloudy or foggy night, we can see only what is illuminated by the perimeter of the firelight. The world beyond the possibilities: all of creation is in darkness. Continue reading

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Life is Blank. In Search of Hope.

Often, our brothers and sisters living with mental illness feel far away from their very surroundings, so it is no surprise that God also feels far away. They have no words to pray. Life is blank. Or: life is chaos. Where is God in the blankness and the chaos, I wonder? These are the treasures of the Church given to us in our time and place. What they seek is hospitality and belonging and hope. And that, my friends, is what we do. Continue reading

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A Not-So-Holy Week (exams!)

The Christian story is not one which ignores the painful experiences of real life. It is one in which God descends down, all the way into those darkest places with us so that we can be healed by the overcoming power of new life. It is an old, old, story which we experience anew during this holiest of weeks and even in the midst of finals. Continue reading

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