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“I will write it on their hearts”

We need to stop saying “change is coming, but…” It’s coming. It’s here. You, me, and every single person who goes to church and identifies as a Christian needs to be more like the Jesus we follow. Continue reading

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Setting a new precedent: sometimes a church needs to die in order to rise again.

Simply put, churches don’t come back from the dead. Decline is the norm. Resources are almost always dwindling. At the end of the day another set of doors will likely be closed for mission and ministry… for ever. But does this always have to be the case? Continue reading

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41 church deconsecrations and counting—but I believe in the “and then” Gospel!

I’m a 34 year old Anglican priest. I grew up in the days of large confirmation classes and cozy traditional worship services, but within my lifetime all of that has changed. My sorry claim to fame as a young minister is that I have witnessed the deconsecration of 41 Anglican churches and counting. Continue reading

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Grandma is now sharing in God’s eternal life, and it’s not even just about that. It’s about the possibility of what our lives are for. It’s about a God who chooses to be powerful in our world because now and again there is an open heart that finds the capacity to say yes. Let it be with me according to your word. Continue reading

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Resurrection 2

Resurrection 2 : Preaching doubt in post-modernity: In this wild ride of following the risen Christ, are you hanging on with both hands? Continue reading

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April 6, 2014: Lent 5

Jesus did not just go to Lazarus’ tomb. He also enters his own and as he plumbs the abysmal depths of death he is present in each and every tomb. In considering Christ’s descent we can begin to appreciate the depth of meaning in his statement, “I am the resurrection.” Continue reading

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March 2, 2014: Last Sunday of Epiphany

The strange mystery of Jesus Christ’s resurrection is the ultimate epiphany, not because it makes immediate sense to us, but because it makes sense of everything else. Continue reading

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Beyond Eternal Presence

Is beyond-death presence the same as eternal life? I find it interesting that the culture, which sometimes criticizes faith as a pie-in the-sky escapist mentality, is now grasping to recognize an existence beyond this life. Continue reading

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What Makes a Funeral

I’ve been at and part of funerals that have, in the midst of very real sorrow, made that hope and joy palpable—in singing, in brilliantly told stories and preached sermons, in music.  While it’s clearly grace when it works, it’s also the dint of effort and a special alchemy of gifts coming together. And so I’m curious.  What stories do you have to share about truly special funerals, when you felt that joy of the good news of Christ’s resurrection in the midst of the sorrow of those gathered? Was there some special moment that made you feel it? What helped that joy and hope to come alive for you? Continue reading

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