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The battle

No act of policy or government action can overcome a people who act with compassion in all things. And no act of policy or government action will be a victory if compassion is the cost. Continue reading

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A loving heart

Lessons from a child: the world needs more compassion: more people caring about the feelings of loved ones and strangers; more people to ignore whatever the crowd suggests is appropriate, and instead focus on the opportunity to demonstrate love. Continue reading

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“What kind of soup, sir?”

May we respond to the needs of the world around us, with the joy of the Lord emanating from deep within us, that we too may spread a little sunshine into the darkness of the world. Continue reading

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Change is the constant

The church’s own sense of instability can open us to a new compassion for all of those who experience themselves as lost and struggling. And that sense of instability invites us to be more aware, and more generous, with what God has actually given us to offer the world’s need. Continue reading

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This month, in our province, in fact, in my hometown of Conception Bay South, again I witnessed the destruction of lives and of community safety due to the murders of Julianne Hibbs and Vince Dillon. Continue reading

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June 9, 2013 Third Sunday after Pentecost

Any time there is a widow or an orphan in a story, it’s time to pay attention. From the most vulnerable in Scripture, we learn a lot about trust and faithfulness. Continue reading

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