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Gossip: the Traditional Method of Church Communication?

I found myself asking these questions a number of years ago, after visiting a parishioner that the prayer team reported to have been rushed away in an ambulance just days before. “I was not,” she clarified, annoyed, “and perhaps the gossip team should consider minding its own business.” Continue reading

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Manning, Wikileaks, and baptism: transparency and being who you are

What tools and methods of communication call you most naturally to live out your baptismal covenant? How do you seek truth and transparency in what you do and what you say? Is it more difficult online than offline? And finally, are we willing to tell the truth (especially about who we are in Christ) when we might pay a heavy price? Continue reading

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Life in the fishbowl

We all live our lives in a metaphoric fishbowl. It’s not an easy task, but it is part of being Christian. It is showing the world that we want to come to the light, that what we do at all times is a demonstration of our faith. Continue reading

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