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Becoming Real

What does it look like when the church embraces this version of baptismal life that takes us into the muck? When we are offered, not purity, but truth as the way to lift the burdens of guilt that we so naturally carry? Continue reading

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Practice what you preach

It’s good to create youth and young family programs, but if we do it without sincerity and depth, any positive results will be short-lived. Practice what you preach, and the young people you work with will see the sincerity and depth of the ministry and want to continue on their faith journey with you alongside. Continue reading

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It’s fine to be not fine.

It’s OK to not be OK. It’s OK to not know what to do. It doesn’t mean you are weak or faithless. It doesn’t mean that God is turning his back on you. It means you are human. Continue reading

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Is it time for a personal stewardship audit?

It’s time to come clean. When you vote on a financial decision that involves increasing the parish budget do you do so with your own commitment in mind? Continue reading

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Manning, Wikileaks, and baptism: transparency and being who you are

What tools and methods of communication call you most naturally to live out your baptismal covenant? How do you seek truth and transparency in what you do and what you say? Is it more difficult online than offline? And finally, are we willing to tell the truth (especially about who we are in Christ) when we might pay a heavy price? Continue reading

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