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4th Sunday After Pentecost: ask “who” not “what”

God is not reducible to the stuff that happens or the things we have. God is primarily revealed to us as three divine persons with whom we relate, and our bias toward a functional, transactional, doing-God moves us away from an abiding, loving, being-God. “Who is this?” should be our go-to existential query. Continue reading

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An Anglican Homecoming?

Each student is different, but one common thread I notice is that students feel at home in Anglican churches because here they are free to wrestle with questions and with doubt. Their academic disciplines are welcomed into conversation with Christian thought, not opposed to it or threatened by it. Continue reading

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Do we have the guts to confuse and perplex our learners?

If we have the guts to confuse our students, perplex them and evoke real questions…. then we as teachers have information that we can use to tailor robust and informed methods of blended instruction. Continue reading

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I’d like to hear from you

For the last eight months I have posted on a variety of topics and have offered links to resources that I hope were helpful.Now it’s your turn. What would you like to see on the children’s ministry blog? Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Parish Councils and Church Leadership

As congregations we need to be talking about how we welcome and treat young families. I believe the conversation needs to start with you. Continue reading

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Spiritual Reflection

In what ways has this experience challenged you to rethink your spiritual and religious fundamentals, or your view of yourself as a someone giving pastoral care?
Was this event confirming, transformational, or both? How? Continue reading

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