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Do we ever really leave home? Can we have more than one home? Is home a place or a state of being? Continue reading

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A place to call home

As the human institution representing the reality of God’s family, the church is called to provide a space/experience that becomes and remains for all, in their spiritual journey, a place to call home. Continue reading

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An Anglican Homecoming?

Each student is different, but one common thread I notice is that students feel at home in Anglican churches because here they are free to wrestle with questions and with doubt. Their academic disciplines are welcomed into conversation with Christian thought, not opposed to it or threatened by it. Continue reading

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Social Media as Community

Often, students “do community” via social networking using the same content but different methods as they did when I was in school: they share ideas, plan projects, and exchange movies or recipes. They create insiders and outsiders (as every community does). Continue reading

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Soft Spaces

Notice that it is the adults of the existing congregation who are challenged to do what it takes to provide a welcoming community and sense of belonging. We need be talking about how can we create a sense of welcome for families. We might have to ask some hard questions. What is working? What changes should we make? How do we create accessible spaces where families feel at home during worship? What can we do to demonstrate to children and families that they truly belong? Continue reading

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