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Are you being quiet or silent?

What are some tactics that you have used to manage silence? Have you ever been on a silent retreat, and found yourself strapping on headphones so you could watch a movie or listen to some music? What is the difference between being quiet, and being silent? Continue reading

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While a retreat may not be productive in the traditional sense, it is a beneficial time to re-focus, re-energise, and re-charge. It is a time to celebrate being instead of doing. Continue reading

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My holidays give me so much light. And where I stay tells a tale of so much diverse life in the light. My bed and breakfast is beautiful and faces the boardwalk of the beach. But it is not isolated. Beside the B&B is a place called Phoenix house which is a place for men to stay as they recover from addiction. And beside that is the “Shul on the Beach”. Continue reading

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The gift of receiving

Our intellect and emotions may not know that for which we are asking, but our heart surely does. Continue reading

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