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What’s in a story?

Stories are a powerful witness – good, great, bad and ugly. What’s your story? Continue reading

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The Art of Storytelling

Perhaps we cannot begin to fully grasp the stories of our faith until we learn to listen to the stories of one another. I have heard it said that our Indigenous peoples will have some important prophecies for our Church in this century, and I wonder if the gift of storytelling might be one of those truths the rest of us will learn to embrace Continue reading

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The Story of Advent

When we tell a story, we make it our own. It becomes part of who we are at that moment, it becomes part of a shared history. As such, our story of Advent can be whatever we choose for it to be. We are challenged to be intentional about our choices, recognizing how everything we say and do becomes part of our own story of Advent. Continue reading

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Do you know a child that doesn’t enjoy listening to a story? Children of all ages love listening to stories and will demand to have their favorites read again and again. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the children in our congregations clamoured to hear the stories of their faith over and over? Storytelling is an essential skill for anyone in Christian Education. Being able to retell a Bible story really well makes for a memorable experience and brings a story to life. How do we do this? Is it just a matter of finding a good children’s Bible and reading it aloud, or is there more to it than that? Continue reading

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