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Why I love Children’s Ministry

I began teaching Sunday School when I was 16 years old, more years ago than I like to remember most days. I thought I knew everything I needed to know about sharing the faith with children. In fact I thought I knew everything that I needed to know about being an adult Christian. After all, I had been confirmed in the faith!

Fortunately for me and for the children that I worked with I grew up. I quickly realized that in many cases the children had more to teach me about God, about love, about being Jesus’ friend, than I could ever teach them.

Here is what I love most about children’s ministry:

  • The children – their energy, their love, their questions
  • Being able to cut, paste and use glitter!
  • Working with families as they engage in the life of the church
  • My own children – who as they grew taught me more about the faith than I thought was possible

So what about you? Why do you love Children’s Ministry? Let’s begin the conversation.

Fiona Brownlee

About Fiona Brownlee

I am friend of children and their families. I have a lifelong passion for sharing the faith with all but most especially with children. I began teaching Sunday School when I was 16 and realized that I was learning as much if not more about how to be a Christian as the children were and mostly from the children at the time. Over time this grew to developing local curriculum for use in church camps and then working for a national curriculum company. I have written the Virtual Church School program for the last 4 years and am eager to share what I know with others and learn from others along the way.
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