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Technology to further Mission

In this topic area of The Community, I hope together we can explore how the many aspects of technology: church PCs, software, websites, and social media to name a few, can help facilitate common mission.

It feels like never a week goes by when a parish or diocese contacts me asking a question about technology and the church. I have some answers, but I know many of them have been answered already by parishes across the country. I encourage you to share your experiences in the forum. Tell us of your successes. Ask your questions. Together we can create a space to help each other.

To start it off, I have started a couple questions in our forum:

By sharing our stories we can help educate each other on the best ways forward. I encourage you to join the conversation. Feel free to respond directly one of these question, or start your own. This is your space!

A note on who is behind this blog. Even though my name is at the top of the page, the full web team here at General Synod are partners in this topic area. The Rev. Jesse Dymond, online community co-ordinator, will contribute to this section in addition to his role as moderator of The Community. Ali Symons, Senior Editor, will also contribute, especially in the areas of content development and organization. If you have any questions that you wish to ask me directly, you can email me at [email protected].

Brian Bukowski

About Brian Bukowski

I am web manager at the Anglican Church of Canada, and have been involved in developing web sites since falling upon Mosaic beta .9 in a University of Saskatchewan computer lab nearly 20 years ago. I am passionate about communicating online with the right tools to the right audience.
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