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Welcome to The Community

The Rev. Jesse Dymond

I’m glad you’re here. Really.

You’re taking part in the beginning moments of a new creation: an online community by Canadian Anglicans, for Canadian Anglicans. We haven’t done that before.

If you’ve spent any length of time in the church, you’ve probably realized that what we do is unique. It’s uniquely Anglican, yes, but it’s also uniquely Canadian. Ministry in our part of the world is shaped by our geography and history, our languages and politics, and by countless other things. Even our calendar is a little different than the Revised Common Lectionary other Churches use! (Fortunately, The Community offers a simple Canadian Anglican calendar for your reflection and preparation.)

Who better to talk to, then, about life in the Anglican Church of Canada than other Canadian Anglicans? It’s something many of you picked up on in your responses to Vision 2019, the strategic plan adopted by General synod in 2010. You asked for an online community, where we could talk about best practices and exchange ideas. A place where we could get to know one another, despite the vast distances that separate us. A place where we could support and pray for one another. Because that’s what the church does.

Have a look around. Get to know some our guides, and read what they have to offer. And most of all, why don’t you sign into our forums? I’ve opened two topics to start with:

Coffee Hour (yeah, it’s silly, I know!) – Introduce yourself, tell us where you’re from, and a little bit about yourself.

Needs and Offerings – What would you like to see here? Do you have a particular need? Do you have something to offer?

I’m glad you’re here. Really. And I look forward to taking part in God’s mission together.




About Jesse Dymond

I'm a priest from the Diocese of Huron, serving as Online Community Coordinator for the Anglican Church of Canada. I have a lifelong interest in computer technology, and continue to pursue interdisciplinary studies in science and theology. I love composing and performing music, cooking, photography, sailing, and riding vintage motorcycles.
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