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How do you know it’s Christmas?

There are some signs that we see and hear and feel that make us know that Christmas has come.

Candles inside bags invite us to midnight mass at St. John, Ancaster

Candles inside bags invite us to midnight mass at St. John, Ancaster.

For me, a significant one is seeing what the luminary candles look like, lining the steps to the main doors–welcoming those who arrive and proclaiming to those who pass the good news of the true light coming into the world, and not being overcome by the darkness.

For my fellow priest at this parish, it’s as we kneel and sing “Silent Night,” holding our tapers, at the end of the late service.

What is it for you? What sign helps you know that Christmas is come, that Jesus is born, and that God is indeed with us?

Matthew Griffin

About Matthew Griffin

I'm a priest serving in the Diocese of Niagara, with both a pastoral and an academic interest in the relationship between liturgy and theology. I enjoy reading, cooking, and spending time with my beloved and our young son.
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