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If what we want is to remove a concrete and physical threat, then we can talk about violence. If what we want is to be safe and live in peace, we better talk about something else. Continue reading

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Making confession

From where did we get the curious notion that the call to confession was somehow contrary to the love and grace of God? Why is it that we see confession as an exercise akin to guilt-mongering instead of one that ushers in spiritual freedom and closeness with Christ? Continue reading

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Teeter-totter kingdom

We live out forgiveness: expressing it to others, as much as we live in forgiveness, receiving it from our Lord. We simply cannot live in the Kingdom of God without it. Continue reading

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“Pentecost” in John: You Send Me

Jesus said “As the Father has sent me, so I send you.”
So how is that? Continue reading

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Shame on… who?

Isn’t it unfortunate that we try to teach our children positive self-image and healthy self-confidence, yet then can watch them have that torn apart by shame – from a game, or from society. Continue reading

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The Power of Words

“Your words set up a chain of events beyond your control and which you would never know. One word can destroy beliefs, harden hearts, or cultivate hatred, but they can also demonstrate faith, display forgiveness, and at the end nurture love.The power of life and death lies in a single word. And we, the image of God, have this great power in one word.” How are your words affecting the children in your church? Continue reading

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You Want to Talk About What?

The word “sin” is one of those churchy words that can cause difficulties for Christian educators. To be sure the whole notion of sin and forgiveness is an important Biblical idea, but it can be a tricky concept to teach. Part of the problem is that the word is used in our liturgies and it tends to pop up in our Bible readings, but it is an umbrella term that seems to have a myriad of meanings and associations, some helpful, some awful, and some downright scary. Continue reading

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White Tulip

There are a lot of television shows that deal with the topics of love, forgiveness, and redemption. However, for my taste, none have done so as poignantly or beautifully as the recently ended series “Fringe.” Continue reading

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