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Personally collective

On Good Friday, many of us will pray a long litany of repentance. Some of that litany will apply to us individually, and some will not. Regardless, it’s possible for our collective confession to be no less real, and no less personal, than an individual one as we lift the collective brokenness of our world to God. Continue reading

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Making confession

From where did we get the curious notion that the call to confession was somehow contrary to the love and grace of God? Why is it that we see confession as an exercise akin to guilt-mongering instead of one that ushers in spiritual freedom and closeness with Christ? Continue reading

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Confession Tuesday

Our Lenten walk may be at odds with the norms at work around us, but if for a moment we can pay attention to what we actually experience, not just what we believe, but what experience reveals as real, then we know that these forty days might feel shadowy and strange compared to the bright lights, blaring music and petty nattering of the world around us, but that we are nonetheless encountering undeniable truth about who we are and what this life is for. Continue reading

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