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Ne me quitte pas

What? ‘surrounded by great passion’ you say? I suppose for those that believe passion is all about love and relationships and sex and all that, then perhaps I’m off the mark. When I speak of passion I hold on to words such as suffering, angst, ordeal, challenge. Continue reading

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To the limit

King’s Cove Stage, Targa NL 2014 seems as though with each passing day of Targa Newfoundland, the energy and intensity has been increasing exponentially. Today in some way, it seems that many reached their breaking point. Continue reading

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Twilight transitions

In the quietness of twilight, I realized that there is much transformation and transition that will occur for me after this week. I have met persons and families affected by autism; these persons I hold in my prayers, I remember the places they live and I recognize the care their families hold for each of them. Continue reading

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Busy being born

My family made a prayerful decision to move. We have felt loved and supported and prayed for every step of the way through this transition. I am happy and feel blessed in my new home and church home. And now that I am four months in, I finally have to admit that I, too, would like to just know where I am going, to feel as if the road is familiar to me again. I, too, know that instinct to grab mommy’s legs and have a little cry. Continue reading

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I do. We will. I will, with God’s help.

In a text the other day, I wrote to a friend, “Remember to care for self as you care for others.” As I typed the words, I paused, then added, “Says he who has difficulty practicing what he preaches.” For me this is so true. Continue reading

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April 20, 2014: Easter Sunday

It’s not enough to articulate Christian hope as something propositional and doctrinal, we need to do it in such a way as to provoke real longing. We want our people to reach out through the cloud of unknowing, the fog of humanness or horizon of knowledge (pick your vocabulary) with a pure gesture of reaching, stretching loving. Continue reading

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The Music in My Head

Since a child, I always had a strong connection between music and the things that I do. I have vivid memories of walking the tundra of Baffin Island with my dog, and making up songs and melodies relating to such things as the day’s reflection, the beauty of creation, and the challenges of growing up with elder sisters. Continue reading

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Impressions and Images

I have sat and listened, prayed and hoped, as individuals and families have been faced with three realities: life needs meaning, life is unfair and life is fragile. Continue reading

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Crustacean Christian

When I was growing up I had a number of different pets, one of which was a crayfish. I enjoyed the uniqueness of this pet, making sure it was fed, the water changed regularly, and the tank kept suitably clean. Continue reading

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Chalices and Commodes

I am ever grateful for my work showing me the healing walk of Jesus. I think his feet would have needed washing. Christ is present in our most intimate private moments, making the unpleasant and the messy divine. Continue reading

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