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Dung in her hair

Esther has “Gap.” Naming our unworthiness, with our hair full of dung does not please God. The posture of humility and repentance is for us: to create the space, and to acknowledge the vast gap—so to enable us to receive what God has already given. Continue reading

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I don’t want to be needy!

Expressing a need does not make us needy – it actually helps us to build up community. Continue reading

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Step 1: Roll up Sleeves; Step 2: Implement a Mark of Mission

Recent conversations I’ve had with some Anglicans worry me. Why? It is not because I hear them promoting “me” over “we” nor it because they are losing their commitment to the church. The thing that worries me is that their meaning of “church” and mine seem to be drawing farther apart. Continue reading

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Having just returned from a trip, I’m reflecting on my baggage, and what I want to pack for life’s journey. It’s a self-reflective process that seems fitting for Lent. Continue reading

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