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Epiphany—Responsibility of Revelation

We must take seriously the words which we offer and promote, and how these words may dishearten and dismay, further alienating persons from the community of faith, and God who sustains us in Christ Jesus. Continue reading

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Google Ad Grants—a great opportunity for parishes to get noticed!

Google has started to offer CRA registered non-profits—including churches—$10,000 in Google AdWord advertising per month, for free. Find out how your parish can take advantage! Continue reading

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A Moment in Time

I find myself wondering about our desire to cling to everything from ideas to interpretations, language to liturgy, style to song. The Church is no stranger to moments in time. Continue reading

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Silence… whispers… tales

I have always been fascinated with ancient history. One of the most intriguing bits of research I explored while completing my undergraduate degree was examining whether people in ancient societies had the abilities to read silently. Did all texts have to be read aloud? Continue reading

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Pop Culture or Porn Culture?

Let’s just put it right out there; Popular Culture is pretty pornographic isn’t it? Not only are there images and explanations of explicit sexuality everywhere, it seems to be getting worse. Continue reading

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Why Pop Culture?

After a sermon a few weeks ago, a parishioner quipped, “Don’t you have anything better to do?” This comment was jovial in nature. It was not meant as a jeer or insult in any way. However, it donned on me that perhaps it would be prudent to write about why I take so much time to understand pop culture. Continue reading

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Manning, Wikileaks, and baptism: transparency and being who you are

What tools and methods of communication call you most naturally to live out your baptismal covenant? How do you seek truth and transparency in what you do and what you say? Is it more difficult online than offline? And finally, are we willing to tell the truth (especially about who we are in Christ) when we might pay a heavy price? Continue reading

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The Whole Story

Our artwork presents a glimpse of a broader Christian message, but imagine if a stranger were to see within our art something unintended, confusing, or offensive? I wonder how often we present an incomplete picture of the Christian church/faith/tradition? Does what we present through art and symbol tell enough of our whole story to convey the truth? Continue reading

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Dancing, Driving, and Dining – turning the tables of ministry engagement in the church

The needs of persons and of communities change over time, and so I believe that we must adjust how we offer hope and healing to the wider world. I was blessed in 2008 to be challenged by a close friend with a spark of an idea about how the church could engage the wider community. This ‘spark’ changed my whole life, ministry, and world. Continue reading

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Digital Faithfulness

Now, some may see that faithful online presence necessitates the endless quoting of Bible verses and praise-songs. But is that solely what it means to have a Christian presence online? Is our Christian presence simply limited to the times where we post some religious shtick? Continue reading

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