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The Community is a place for Canadian Anglicans to get together and talk about life in the church. Use the Online Lectionary, or log in to join the conversations about  children’s ministrycollege and universitycongregational developmenteast coast ministryecumenismeveryday Christianityhospital chaplaincyliturgy, living the covenantinterfaith ministry, ministry and technologynational events, pop culture, parenting, and stewardship.

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“Let my prayer be set forth in your sight as incense”

April 14th, 2014

By: Laura Marie Piotrowicz

Topic: Everyday Christianity

May we all have a peaceful, prayerful, and meaningful Holy Week; may we all journey forward upheld in prayer.

What are you thinking?

April 12th, 2014

By: Dell Bornowsky

Topic: The Preachers’ Table

What are you thinking as Jesus walks to the Cross? As an amplification of the Passion Narrative, and for those who may wish for Stations of the Cross meditations for Holy Week observance: The following uses stations derived from the gospels that were chosen by John Paul 2 in 1991 as an alternate to the traditional 14 stations.

A Not-So-Holy Week (exams!)

April 11th, 2014

By: Allison Chubb

Topic: When Jesus Goes to College

The Christian story is not one which ignores the painful experiences of real life. It is one in which God descends down, all the way into those darkest places with us so that we can be healed by the overcoming power of new life. It is an old, old, story which we experience anew during this holiest of weeks and even in the midst of finals.

I told you never to call me here

April 11th, 2014

By: The Rev. Jesse Dymond

Topic: Ministry and Technology

“Are you answering work email?” I was. It was about 9:30, and my wife, son and I had just returned home from evening prayer. It been out the door shortly after 5am to prepare for a 7:30 meeting, and a day filled with the usual mix of church and communications. And she called me on it.


April 9th, 2014

By: Leanne Alstad Tiessen

Topic: Parental Ponderings

The Eucharist has become a kind of anchor for me—a reaffirmation of what my faith ‘boils down to’.

“Crucify Him!”

April 8th, 2014

By: Kyle Norman

Topic: Pop Culture Piety

The fact is, in distancing ourselves from crucifixion cries we distance ourselves from the cross. We stand removed and apart from it. The refusal to join in with the cry of the crowd brings within it a sense of faulty pride, by which we self-righteously assert that we have no role in the crucifixion story.

Flin Flon

April 6th, 2014

By: Laura Marie Piotrowicz

Topic: Everyday Christianity

Many of our congregations have been named after saints, but do we know who these people are in the life of the church, and why they were chosen to represent the congregation at the time of its foundation?

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