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The Community is a place for Canadian Anglicans to get together and talk about life in the church. Use the Online Lectionary, or log in to join the conversations about  children’s ministrycollege and universitycongregational developmenteast coast ministryecumenismeveryday Christianityhospital chaplaincyliturgy, living the covenantinterfaith ministry, ministry and technologynational events, pop culture, parenting, and stewardship.

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November 2, 2014-All Saints’ Day: “Blessed” sinners and saints

October 29th, 2014

By: Dawn Leger

Topic: The Preachers’ Table

With the daily rise and fall of personalities, I wonder if sainthood is something any of us truly want to claim for ourselves. Does any one of us want to be the holder of such a lofty title, from which it is so easy…and so far…to fall away?


October 29th, 2014

By: Martha Tatarnic

Topic: Only One Thing

I know there is a talented and famous man who has had his world crumble around him. I know that this man is deserving of prayer. I know that there are women who are probably equally talented who, as yet, have no name, who have also lost something of great value. And these women are in need of prayer too.

Bible Study

October 25th, 2014

By: Laura Marie Piotrowicz

Topic: Everyday Christianity

I believe that the scriptures will always have something to tell us, that they will always have some way to challenge us, and that they will always engage us – if we let them.

U2 stirs things up!

October 24th, 2014

By: Chris Hayes

Topic: Pop Culture Piety

You’ve probably heard, maybe even experienced the automatic download of the latest U2 album. Guest-blogger, the Reverend Chris Hayes tackles this album, and speaks to the formation of our faith in various phases of life.

Messy reflections

October 23rd, 2014

By: Kyle Norman

Topic: Pop Culture Piety

Life can be messy, unintelligible, and crazy. So too is our response to the horrors that sometimes abound. Here is my attempt in light of past events.

Open door

October 23rd, 2014

By: Shawn C. Branch

Topic: Engage

She smiled and said, “If you get lost, my husband and I are sitting right behind you – just let us know.” I was really impressed with their warmth and hospitality.

A song of peace?

October 23rd, 2014

By: David Burrows

Topic: Easter(n) Pilgrims

How do we live a Kingdom life when faced with evil, harm, and destruction? How do we support the indiscriminate killing of persons on foreign soil without diplomacy? How do we turn the other cheek when persons walk up to shoot or run down innocent persons?

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  • Chris Hollingworth on JianI don’t think Jian goes to church. First world problem not worthy of discussion.
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  • Bob on JianPlease don’t confuse this with Rob Ford. Rob Ford was justifiably found guilty in the court of informed public opinion,…
  • Elizabeth Áine Achimah on Jianhope for the sinned-against needs to be prioritized in the church. Yes, God is gracious, slow to anger and forgives….
  • Profile photo of Caroline PenhaleCaroline Penhale on JianThank you for this articulate, compassionate and faithful response. Well done.
  • Daniel D. Brereton on JianWe cannot forgive until we know for certain what it is we’re being asked to forgive. Yes Jesus told us…
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  • Heather MacFadyen on JianWe’re taught to reach out and love and forgive
  • Barbara Liotscos on JianSee the Anglican Church of Canada’s Sexual Misconduct Policy.
  • Profile photo of gacbgacb on Messy reflectionsRegardless of the painful distractions, it’s not good enough to talk the talk, we must act according to what we…
  • Profile photo of Shawn C. BranchShawn C. Branch on Open doorSorry to hear about that experience Philip! Glad that you are in a healthy, welcoming community.

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