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Parental Ponderings

Parenting can be overwhelming—being a deliberately Christian parent can be even more so. How do we raise our children to love God and neighbour in North American society? How do we shape them to live faithful, intentionally Christ-centred lives? This blog will explore the many struggles, joys, and challenges facing Christian parents today.

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Rachel Kessler

I am an Associate Priest at Grace Church on-the-Hill in Toronto. I’ve spent many years in higher education, none of which has prepared me at all for the joys and challenges of parenthood. I’m married to Leeman, an actor and stay-at-home Dad. When not trying to keep a small human alive, I enjoy watching way too much TV, playing obscure board games, baking, and hanging out with my border collie Bilbo.


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Leeman Kessler

Leeman Kessler is a Missionary Kid from Nigeria who now lives in Canada where he acts and takes care of his daughter, Amanda. His wife Rachel is a priest in the Anglican Diocese of Toronto. You can find him online at and and on twitter @lemurbouy

Recent blog posts

Editing our children’s reality

September 26th, 2014

It is inevitable that we as parents will lay the foundation for the world our children are beginning to explore. We teach them what is good or bad, right or wrong, safe or dangerous. We will teach our children their first words—colours, numbers, shapes, and more. Perhaps most importantly of all, though, we as parents have the responsibility for teaching our children about God.

Trying to control the vertical and the horizontal

September 15th, 2014

“What did your parents do to keep you guys in church?” was once asked of my wife Rachel and me by a priest who was disappointed to see his children who were about our age not show any interest in maintaining a regular church life. We didn’t really know how to respond.

Expectation vs. reality

July 10th, 2014

Parental reality has a way of setting in and crushing even our loftiest of expectations, as we ourselves discovered all too quickly.

Everyday Intentions

May 28th, 2014

I like to think of myself as an intentional parent. My husband and I have sought to cultivate in our kids an awareness of larger issues in our culture and we have tried to talk about and act in accordance with the concerns that we see. Our hope is that our kids will approach life in a more nuanced way, that they will be Christians who question the status quo, who will be compassionate to those who struggle, and feel a sense of responsibility to contribute towards alleviating these issues.


April 9th, 2014

The Eucharist has become a kind of anchor for me—a reaffirmation of what my faith ‘boils down to’.

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