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Common Prayer

This area is about everyday personal prayer for the everyday person. It’s a place to talk about how we pray, what we pray about, how it feels to pray… The list can be long. It’s about sharing our prayer experience so we can learn from each other. It’s not about prayer requests or the more formal intercessor prayer some of us do as part of worship services. This can be an intimate topic so please use your discretion.

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Mark Perrin

I’m a member of St Martin’s Anglican in Calgary and a director of the Anglican Fellowship of Prayer. I’m an engineer by training and consult in the oil patch doing engineering, IT and finance work. I am married and have three children. At church I’m an intercessor and participate in our healing prayer ministry. In my spare time I play with motorcycles, guitars, computers and model trains.

Recent blog posts

What is happening when we pray?

June 30th, 2013

I can’t help wondering if something is happening in the electro-magnetic spectrum or if there are quantum effects while praying. I have observed positive impact from prayer even from distances.

Praying through dying

April 16th, 2013

Perhaps one of the most important moments of our life is the moment we die. Would it be helpful to prayerful at that moment? Would it matter (as we take our leave of matter) what we pray about at that moment?

Praying for the coach

January 4th, 2013

How do I pray for the coach who is now a hurt player? One of the most influential people in my spiritual life is seriously ill. Suddenly a man who has led prayer for much of his life needs prayer.

All roads lead to Rome

November 3rd, 2012

Are there aspects of other faith traditions that can enhance our prayer life as Anglican Christians?

How does God respond to your prayers?

October 5th, 2012

I like to think of prayer as a conversation with God. Sometimes I stop making noise long enough and perhaps listen so the other party has a chance to respond. Sometimes I believe I’m hearing back. Sometimes the other party seems to butt in.

Recent comments

  • Kyle NormanKyle Norman on What is happening when we pray?Thanks for this Mark. This is an intruiging subject, and I have often looked (and spoken about) the ‘scientific evidence’…
  • Jesse Dymond on Praying through dyingAbsolutely. Sometimes, your presence is the greatest thing you can offer!
  • Mark PerrinMark Perrin on Praying through dyingThanks for your comments! What I get from this is — if I have the honour to present while someone is…
  • Joanne DaviesJoanne Davies on Praying through dyingI am a hospital chaplain. When people are in the passage of dying I spend much time holding their hands,…
  • Jesse Dymond on Praying through dyingMark, I find the places you’re searching on your own journey quite fascinating. They say an awful lot about who…
  • Mark PerrinMark Perrin on Praying for the coachThe coach is taking on a new role. It looks like he’ll be showing those of us close by how…
  • Mark PerrinMark Perrin on Praying for the coachThanks Guys! You’ve reminded me that many many others have been where I’m walking at the moment. The “why is…
  • Jesse Dymond on Praying for the coachWell said, Stephen. You remind me that the apostles were most definitely struggling to pray, just as they watched the…
  • Stephen Laskey on Praying for the coachMark, I like your use of ‘coach’ here.  I think we pray as the coach coached us to pray.  Jesus…
  • Charlie on All roads lead to RomeAHH! now I understand! A practioner of ‘Romantic Greekiness’ (Sorry, Phil; whenever I run across the potential for an extended…