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My Faith in Your Faith: Interfaith Journeys

Interfaith dialogue and activism are enriching yet challenging. They inspire fresh perspectives in our own faith tradition and compel us to find ways to share stories and experiences with other human faithfuls who merit to be seen and heard according to the same principle whereby we wish to be seen and heard ourselves.

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Afra Saskia Tucker

I am Development Coordinator at the Montreal Diocesan Theological College. Blessed with a multi-cultural family and an inclination to learn about other faith traditions, I have learned from my life experiences here and abroad that encounters with people of different faiths, beliefs, and cultures are in fact essential and enriching to my own faith journey.

Recent blog posts

Marian Manifesto

March 13th, 2015

Planting anything feels like you have faith and hope that something will grow. It is an act that occurs despite the violence and sadness of the crucifix; it is a peaceful act by both Mary and Jesus; it brings hope that something larger, more beautiful will carry on. It is a mother’s hope for the legacy of her children.

Doubt: God’s way of disclosing a secret

June 30th, 2014

Nesting within a religion can provide a secure foothold and the firm hand of authority along the journey; yet, ultimately, the seeker must always be prepared to move on.

Resurrection: ‘do not hold on to me!’

April 21st, 2014

The promised land of new light and wonder can only unfold if I do not hold onto many aspects that have been guiding and informing my choices up until now.

A New Year’s Letter to Creators of the Unfounded

December 31st, 2013

As far as I know, we’re finite beings living in a finite world, and where there’s newness, creation and creativity, there’s an associated letting go and destruction of the old. Scary stuff.

Hiding my Convictions

November 22nd, 2013

Why should I reveal my spirit, in other words ‘talk about it’ and risk exposing it to danger or discomfort?

Recent comments

  • Afra Saskia TuckerAfra Saskia Tucker on Marian ManifestoThanks, David! Those are meaningful things for me to reflect on.
  • David BurrowsDavid Burrows on Marian ManifestoBeautiful writing Afra – in particular I resonated with your friend, a pagan, finding it difficult to practice her spirituality…
  • Afra Saskia TuckerAfra Saskia Tucker on Marian ManifestoTony: Interesting–I’ll ask Elissa how she perceives you ‘meeting her’ here!
  • Tony Houghton on Marian ManifestoDialog is important to see where the people are and to modify our message to meet them where they are…
  • Jesse Dymond on Marian ManifestoWhile I respect the grace you offer here, I fear you assume too much. Some Christians do, as you suggest,…
  • Afra Saskia TuckerAfra Saskia Tucker on Marian ManifestoTony: Thanks for reading; however, I think the general theme of my blog (My Faith in Your Faith) may not…
  • Tony Houghton on Marian ManifestoI would respond to other religions such as Muslims, Jews,Buddhist, Hindus, etc exactly the same way. The need of Jesus…
  • Beth Reed on Marian ManifestoTony, I wonder if you noted Afra’s first paragraph… that we often have a bias toward established, institutional religions, and…
  • Tony Houghton on Marian ManifestoIt seems to me your friend needs to find the Jesus displayed in the pages of the bible The pagan…
  • Tony Houghton on Doubt: God’s way of disclosing a secretI also came across a talk by D A Carson who had a talk on doubt ,a man who was…