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Home church

Photo by the Very Rev. Paul N. Johnson.Following last week’s blog, I’ve been reflecting even more on ‘home’specifically how it relates to the church.

My ‘home church’ is a difficult concept to address, as it’s not about a building, but about the community and active ministry that takes place. (Though I acknowledge the convenience of having a structure with a name to serve as a base for that ministry!)

My ‘home church’ is many things:

It’s comfortablein the same way that a slightly dishevelled living room is comfortable. I know that I can come as I am, and be loved. Whether my spiritual journey is having a good day, a bad day, or somewhere in between, I know that I am truly welcome there.

It’s uncomfortablein the same way that a great debate with a good friend is uncomfortable. It challenges me, encourages me to grow, invites me to stretch into new and deeper relationship with the Divine and then sort out an earthly active response to that new depth (even if I haven’t fully figured it out yet).

It’s communityin the same way that all communities evolve, composed of long-time friendships and folks I haven’t yet met. It is continually evolving and changing, welcoming new folks and saying goodbye to others, but maintaining the focus on seeking and serving Jesus at every opportunity.

And, it’s home. It’s a place for rest and repose, for healing of self and others. Andas with any homefor going out into the world to contribute to society.

The secret is this‘home church’ exists in my heart, because I choose to carry it with me. It was a time/place/space that so informed my faith journey that I recall its benefit to me, and I decide to tap into that spiritual goodness as I venture forward. Home church will always be home church so long as I choose to live that way. No matter where I go, or how much that place changes, it will still be home.

Because it is about Jesus: calling us to be ‘home’; providing a church to let us glimpse what it means to be in God’s house; inspiring us to live out the reality of making this life a bit more like home.

I remain eternally (literally) grateful for the church and the Church that are home to meI remain eternally grateful for the home that Jesus promises me.

About Laura Marie Piotrowicz

I’m a high-energy priest, now serving in the Diocese of Niagara, catching glimpses of the kingdom in daily life. I consider church to be a verb, and I’m passionate about prayer, eco-theology, and social justice. I love travel, reading, canoeing, camping, gardening and cooking, playing with my dogs, and drinking good coffee.

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4 Responses to Home church

  1. It is often a challenge to find two parishes with the same liturgy these days given the current process of how worship is presented. In a home you might see the same thing as all interior space will not be identical for each location. What interests my faith background is the liturgy and the worship are not about the parish within the community, rather the exterior sense of what any parish can do beyond it’s site. Churches and faith in homes and all other building of all expressions are the essentials of where communities are safe, protected and abundant with not just doing things, but being the joy of living in peace, regardless of styles of the today. Let us all open our hearts and minds, breath the spirit into our souls, so that when a visitor enters the scene we can welcome, include and make them want to join the Anglican community. Walls are for decoration and structural supports, faith in action and deeds are the designs of a people with something to say about various expressions of a love for worship, liturgy and traditions.

    • Thanks Ron,
      It’s the great ongoing reality that without the faith-in-action we wouldn’t need a building; but that without the building we might struggle with building the community to put faith-into-action.
      And my ‘home church’ can be a place, time, community, and action – often (but not necessarily) overlapping.

  2. I guess that definition varies from Person to person. Hows life in your new area.

  3. When Jesus said to Peter, “I will build my church”, he started something very different at that time. Jesus was an earthly example of how to live a godly life. He sent us the Holy Spirit to help guide our every day lives. I find my spiritual growth is necessary every day. The physical church building is a catalyst for growth and a family of believers but spreading the good news is so important. Yes, take comfort in knowing there’s a famiky of believers backing you but reach out to those in need. When you pick a church – don’t pick it because it looks and acts like you – pick it because it looks and acts like Jesus. The leadership and elders of the church are critical to keeping the family of believers growing in faith. Challenge yourself to become one of those who chose to thrive in your faith and reap the earthly rewards of serving our Heavenly Father.

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