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Welcome to Laura’s Blog

Laura, one of our staff members, is a professional counsellor, a parish youth leader, a parent of teens, an Anglican, a clergy kid and a member of a rural congregation. She will be blogging about ideas, issues and things that cross her path in those

How Do I Get Him Back?

multiple roles. Feel free to add your comments, questions and thoughts.

Laura Walton

About Laura Walton

Laura Walton is part of the Youth Initiatives Team for the Anglican Church of Canada. She is the half time youth minister at All Saints', Collingwood and has a private counselling practice in the area as well. As the mom of 2 teenagers, a Preacher's Kid, and long time volunteer in the Diocese of Toronto Laura has worked in the field of youth and children's ministry on the ground floor level for many years. Laura has a love for sports, music and challenging the status quo which she brings to her work in youth and children's ministry.
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