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Thanksgiving is about more than turkey?

turkeyOk, so Canadian Thanksgiving is long past, but in anticipation of the American Thanksgiving I found this article.  It is an interesting take on what Thanksgiving is all about, and its not just turkey, stuffing ourselves and napping in the middle of the day while watching tv.

We need reminding sometimes that we have to be thankful ALWAYS, not just when life is great but when life really stinks as well!

Just like Paul we need to be thankful for the one thing that we have that can never be taken away, God’s love!  Read it, it’s a great piece.  This article also gives us ideas on how to share our faith during events like Thanksgiving.  Often God gets left out except for that 30 seconds before we dig into the food spread out before us when someone mumbles grace.  Probably not quite enough, afterall He gave us all that we have, we ought to give him a little more than 30 seconds worth of credit.  What do you think?

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