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Are you being quiet or silent?

What are some tactics that you have used to manage silence? Have you ever been on a silent retreat, and found yourself strapping on headphones so you could watch a movie or listen to some music? What is the difference between being quiet, and being silent? Continue reading

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Shhh. . .

The early church had a saying: “Cultivate silence and it will teach you everything.” How long does it take you to be uncomfortable with silence? Continue reading

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High Porticoes of Silence

There are two kinds of silence for campers: there’s the pleasant quiet of dusk, interrupted only by “the loon’s wild, haunting call”, and there’s the rustle of unexpected noises outside the tent as one tries to fall asleep—each noise surely proclaiming the approach of a bear, n’est-ce pas? So too are the two kinds of silence in our services: one that makes space for God, and one that makes people wonder just who it is that forgot it’s that person’s turn to do something in the liturgy. Continue reading

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