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An interesting parish marketing resource

An interesting resource on parish marketing  came across my desk today, and it is good enough I wanted to share. Entitled Marketing Your Parish: Advertising Best Practices for Effective Evangelism, it comes to us from The Episcopal Church Office of Communication. It is a short but idea-packed document on how to leverage modern marketing practices to reach prospective members. Here is how they describe what you will get out of the resource:

» How to “plunder Egypt” — what you can take from the world of commercial advertising
» What a conversion funnel is and how to use it
» How to generate inbound leads
» Getting the most out of your church’s website (HINT: It has nothing to do with your homepage)
» The 5 components of a church marketing plan

You need to register to get a copy, but otherwise is free.

Have a read, and tell me: What do you think? Does it fit into your parish experience? How are you advertising for prospective members?

(h/t to Randy Murray at the Diocese of New Westminister for highlighting this resource)

About Brian Bukowski

I am web manager at the Anglican Church of Canada, and have been involved in developing web sites since falling upon Mosaic beta .9 in a University of Saskatchewan computer lab nearly 20 years ago. I am passionate about communicating online with the right tools to the right audience.

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One Response to An interesting parish marketing resource

  1. I am very interested and engaged with the concept and desires to foster and develop this forum of mission outreach. I am a strong person with a deep will to see Anglican faith not only grow in one location, yet across the entire Country.


    I live in Victoria BC, and have extensive  education in theology and pastoral care support. I am about to be married ( March 28th) to a wonderful Anglican women and partner who shares my interest and intentions to care about gardening the faith of Anglican belief.



    [email protected]

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