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The Community’s new promotional video

We’re  proud to present a new video that captures the energy and spirit of The Community! You’ll see a variety of faces and places from across the Anglican Church of Canada featured in it: how many do you recognize?

I hope you watch and enjoy the video, but most of all, I hope you share it! Share it on Facebook. Share it on Twitter. Share it with everyone you know, in every way you can imagine! Below, you’ll find the video hosted on both YouTube and Vimeo. You’ll find the YouTube link most useful for sharing with your contacts by email and social media. The second link provides both higher quality video, and the opportunity to download the file for use in meetings and other gatherings.


About Jesse Dymond

I'm a priest from the Diocese of Huron, serving as Online Community Coordinator for the Anglican Church of Canada. I have a lifelong interest in computer technology, and continue to pursue interdisciplinary studies in science and theology. I love composing and performing music, cooking, photography, sailing, and riding vintage motorcycles.
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