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Simple and not so simple

Simple and not so simple: might both be needed for our journey. Continue reading

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Worshipping together, from wherever we are

Amazing. Astounding. We were surrounded by the community of believers. And while I do believe the Communion of Saints is always present, yesterday experienced something new: the gift of a community gathered in the here-and-now, despite our limitations. As one colleague said earlier today, “Limitation? What’s that?” Continue reading

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New Life in Christ: Baptism in The Community

We’d like to invite you to join us for a baptism! Because in many ways, The Community is a community of faith, and one our family is connected to, as we explore new ways of building community and supporting one another. Continue reading

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The Power of Words

“Your words set up a chain of events beyond your control and which you would never know. One word can destroy beliefs, harden hearts, or cultivate hatred, but they can also demonstrate faith, display forgiveness, and at the end nurture love.The power of life and death lies in a single word. And we, the image of God, have this great power in one word.” How are your words affecting the children in your church? Continue reading

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Scarcity and Abundance

At the 2012 Diocesan Synod in the Diocese of New Westminster, our episcopal visitor, The Right Rev. Bishop Greg Rickel of the Diocese of Olympia gave a TED-style talk about money and stewardship. Continue reading

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Video for outreach

Have you considered the use of video in your outreach ministry? I suspect that for most parishes, the answer is an unequivocal “no.” After all, maintaining a simple website and changing the letters on the parish sign is time consuming enough, right? Continue reading

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The Community’s new promotional video

We’re proud to present a new video that captures the energy and spirit of The Community! You’ll see a variety of faces and places from across the Anglican Church of Canada featured in it: how many do you recognize? Continue reading

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CLAY 2012: Day 2 Recap

Our second blog entry comes from Aidan, 18, from Edmonton, Alberta. Here at CLAY 2012, he is stage-managing the Large Group Gatherings, working with the band, the drama troupe and the technicians to ensure that things move smoothly. Continue reading

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CLAY 2012, day one: What Kind of Story?

Our first blog entry comes from Hannah Shirtliff, a native of Starbuck, Manitoba. As a member of the specialist home team, she is focused on telling the story of CLAY through video, blogging, and social media. Continue reading

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