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Missing reality

3 local teens have committed suicide in the last year in my small community… sitting in our church buildings, running programs only for those who attend does not support or save at risk youth. But reaching out could. Continue reading

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Taking a risk

I sat challenged by Paul’s words and began to wonder how much I am limiting God in my own life and ministry. I realized that my prayers were focused primarily on the tangible things. Continue reading

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The cross or the egg?

Our Canadian culture is becoming post-Christian; in fact, we might even be on the cusp of a post-Christian culture. More and more people know less and less of Jesus’ life and His sacrifice. It is easier to talk about a rabbit laying an egg than Jesus dying and rising. Continue reading

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Epiphany 5 – Let’s go to the neighbours?

It is proper that congregations, vestries, and clergies are concerned with what happens here. But it seems that Jesus’ sense of his place and his purpose in the mission of God was more than just having a satisfactory local ministry (here). As we follow Jesus will we also take responsibility to “proclaim the message ‘there’ also”? Continue reading

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I’m coming home

I’ll confess that when I first heard of Back to Church Sunday, I thought this was ironic and had an image of someone in full clericals standing on the doorstep of the church, yelling out, “Come back…come back…we’re still here!” I’m glad that we haven’t seen that…I hope. Continue reading

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The Little Parish That Could

Small parishes can make big differences. By coming together, one small congregation supported a number of mission initiatives of the wider church. They celebrated that it’s not about the number recorded in the vestry book; it’s about the strength of heart and faith reaching out into the community. Continue reading

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Google Ad Grants—a great opportunity for parishes to get noticed!

Google has started to offer CRA registered non-profits—including churches—$10,000 in Google AdWord advertising per month, for free. Find out how your parish can take advantage! Continue reading

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Hiding my Convictions

Why should I reveal my spirit, in other words ‘talk about it’ and risk exposing it to danger or discomfort? Continue reading

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Video for outreach

Have you considered the use of video in your outreach ministry? I suspect that for most parishes, the answer is an unequivocal “no.” After all, maintaining a simple website and changing the letters on the parish sign is time consuming enough, right? Continue reading

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Christian Education and Outreach

Christian education provides us with a wonderful opportunity to help children learn how to connect belief and action. Linking instruction with mission opportunities allows young learners to experience the connection between what they are learning in church and the real world. Community is strengthened as children learn how to work together and develop their gifts. It also creates the opportunity to see God at work, as God has a way of multiplying our efforts and bringing transformation. These kinds of activities are exciting and build faith. Continue reading

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