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Needles, 911, and a wake-up call

Last Wednesday night, our evening worship was brought to a grinding halt by a medical emergency, and I had a powerful encounter with Jesus—although I didn’t know it at the time. Continue reading

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Reaching out

Sometimes, evangelism starts with marketing. If people can’t find us, we can’t share the Good News. Continue reading

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Taking a risk

I sat challenged by Paul’s words and began to wonder how much I am limiting God in my own life and ministry. I realized that my prayers were focused primarily on the tangible things. Continue reading

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Acts 8.26-40 : do we have anything to share?

When did we give up on the idea that Christianity has something to offer to the society we live in? Do we believe the good news has anything to offer to the overstressed, the unjustly oppressed, the fragile marriage, the scared student? If we truly believed it, wouldn’t we share it? Continue reading

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Generosity 101

The vast majority of newcomers to our churches have never had any contact with us. The concept of Christian stewardship is entirely remote from their life experience. To help with the orientation, I’d like to reflect on perhaps the most frequent question I hear: “why should I give?” Continue reading

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What’s in a story?

Stories are a powerful witness – good, great, bad and ugly. What’s your story? Continue reading

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Social Media Sunday: October 25, 2015

Social Media Sunday. It’s a thing. Or at least it could be, this June, in your parish. Continue reading

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Your Church DOES That?!

The Good News is in our church, and it’s our call to share that good news with the world. Continue reading

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Google Ad Grants—a great opportunity for parishes to get noticed!

Google has started to offer CRA registered non-profits—including churches—$10,000 in Google AdWord advertising per month, for free. Find out how your parish can take advantage! Continue reading

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Workplace Faith

My colleagues in parish ministry hear comments from time to time such as, “You don’t understand what it’s like in the real world. It’s much harder to be a Christian out there.” And, to a certain extent, they’re right. At the very least, working in the Church brings different kinds of challenges than the work of honouring Christ among people who, at best, have pretty different values and, at worst, think our faith is just a big joke. Continue reading

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